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Through the book series, we explore the friendship of Myles, a trumpet-playing Corgi, and Luna, an artistic Aussie, who uses the power of imagination to escape the feeling of being bullied at school and imperfect home life.

Together through dress-up, art, and music they enter the Imagine-verse, a world powered by their imagination. In this space, they go on adventures to learn educational and life lessons the whole family can enjoy.

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Our Approach

Our stories will be paired with an interactive app that integrates emerging blockchain technology, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Our readers will be able to unlock special content by collecting a Myles & Luna nft.

Interactive children's books allow the reader to have a more immersive experience. Voice apps will aid in pronouncing words, provide hidden information and ask engaging questions while the reader engages with the book.

Our Mission

Through the adventures of Myles and Luna, we are reminded of the importance of imagination when building a better tomorrow.

It's our vision to see blockchain technology integrated into our everyday lives as an interactive improvement for all.

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